2019 QRRRWN Conference

Goondiwindi 12-14 September

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Join women from rural, regional and remote Queensland to hear thought-provoking and powerful speakers on a wide range of topics. Make new friends and greet old ones. Share the laughter, the achievements and the experiences. Learn new skills in the interactive workshops.

Keynote Speakers

Ginger Gorman – Friday Keynote

Ginger Gorman is a fearless and multi award-winning social justice journalist. In the course of her 16-year media career she’s watched bodies burn at the crematorium, been strapped to a bondage wheel and recorded her own cancer treatment.

She’s interviewed everyone from eminent scientists and artists to hardened criminals and vicious Internet trolls.

She has an innate ability to connect and communicate with some of the most interesting and marginalised people in our community. Ginger works hard to translate those untold stories into powerful and insightful journalism.

In 2013, Ginger and her family suffered the effects of online hate first-hand, and it was this experience that set Ginger on her professional journey into the world of trolls. In 2017 her series of articles on trolling for Fairfax newspapers in Australia went viral and became some of the most read Australian stories of the year. She is now in demand as an expert on online hate and has written and spoken extensively about trolling and social media self-defence in Australian and global contexts. Her first book, Troll Hunting, was published in February 2019.

Sara Hales – Saturday Keynote

With a background in the cattle industry, media and aviation, Sara Hales is an experienced leader, mother, wife, business person and mentor.

From a teenage runaway working in the stock camps of the Barkly Tableland to General Manager of Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, Sara’s outstanding career and commitment to her core values of integrity and courage is an inspiring and uplifting story.

Today, Sara consults on leadership ethics, business and aviation topics, while operating as a keynote speaker and working together with her husband on their own business. Sara is passionate about the importance and power of women supporting each other, and the evolving role and vital contribution of women in leadership.

Jodie Fields – Youth Stream Keynote

Jodie Fields, former Australian Women’s Cricket Captain, was instrumental in the public rise of women’s cricket in Australia and remains heavily involved in the sport she loves so much.

Jodie captained the Australian women’s cricket team for five years and the Queensland women’s cricket team for six years. In 2013, Jodie was awarded the Queensland Sportswoman of the Year for her contribution to the game.

Jodie is an exceptional leader and has displayed that through her work in various leadership roles in sport, as well as in private business, not-for-profit organisations and state government.

Since retiring from competitive cricket, Jodie has put her inner drive and relentless commitment to great use. As well as commentating for the ABC during Cricket Australia elite matches and sharing her knowledge by coaching and mentoring up-and-coming players, Jodie also established the Jodie Fields Young Development Scholarship to support regional and remote young cricketers to further their journey in the sport.

Westpac Agribusiness Breakfast

Natasha Roebig

Natasha Roebig – Westpac Agribusiness Breakfast Keynote Speaker

Natasha Roebig is the QLD 2019 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award recipient for her Inclusive Beekeepers Training Facility project aspiring to leave a positive legacy for the Queensland beekeeping industry and believes that innovation and education are the keys to the future of sustainable farming. Natasha has recently aligned with the Australian Technology and Agricultural College (ATAC) in Logan, her goal to help deliver an educational framework using research material provided by AgriFutures and relevant beekeeping bodies, along with establishing a foundation for introducing the benefits of native bush foods and raw honey products into her community.

As a beekeeper, Natasha sees a need to promote ethical apiary practices and disease prevention and management. She would like to encourage a new generation of beekeepers into the industry, especially women and youth. In this quest, she has dedicated much of her time to mentoring and up-skilling industry newcomers. Her Jimboomba business, Bee All Natural, has been instrumental in encouraging knowledge sharing and industry connections and takes great pride in consistently building a solid foundation for networking and to promote empowerment. The educational platform will provide the opportunity for beekeeping enthusiasts to contribute new ideas, gain knowledge of technological advancements and will be instrumental in engaging their communities.

Working in partnership with the apiary industry, Natasha will establish an interactive training facility in South-East Queensland, promoting innovative research and ethical beekeeping practices. The facility will provide a safe and inclusive space to encourage information sharing, mentoring and networking amongst professionals and hobbyists. The training facility, which has growing support within its location of Jimboomba, has become a credible source for relevant regulatory updates and will work closely with Australia’s Biosecurity ensuring all beekeepers are well informed and on board with securing our futures’ beekeeping industry.

Spotlight Speakers

Maddy Bento – The importance of nutrition for a thriving life and business!

Maddy Bento has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine making her a qualified Clinical Nutritionist. Maddy loves helping others use nutrition to feel their best. Maddy conducts private consultations in her practice with clients from all walks of life, with different health issues and goals but has a particular passion for helping women. Supporting rural women to ensure they have access to health services and information is integral to Maddy’s practice. As Maddy has recently become anew mother herself she understands the importance of women supporting one another. Maddy can support a range of conditions such as eczema, acne, allergies, IBS, reflux but has a keen interest in women’s health and mental health. Maddy loves supporting women going through menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and experiencing PMS. Maddy’s aim is to ensure women feel empowered and not debilitated by their bodies. Maddy loves sharing her passion of nutrition and health to rural communities.

Sally Dickinson – The Murray Darling Basin plan, what it is and what it hopes to achieve.

Sally Dickinson grew up on the family sheep farm in Central Victoria and it was this love of farming and a rural lifestyle that has seen her career focussed on Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and working with rural communities. After time spent working for State and Local Government in Victoria, Sally then worked in the cotton industry in Northern NSW/Southern QLD. She has recently embarked on an exciting and challenging role with the Murray-Darling Basin Authority based in Goondiwindi. Sally is passionate about supporting rural women and the integral role they play in agriculture and rural communities. Sally was previously on the Wincott-Women in Cotton Committee for 8 years including time spent as Chair. Outside of work you’ll find her competing in Campdrafts.

Kim Storey – What Does A Farmer Look Like?

Kim Storey grew up on a farm near Bathurst in NSW. She has always been interested in photography, using her Dad’s old camera to photograph everything in sight on the farm while she was growing. Kim never really thought of photography as a career, for her it was all about becoming a farmer. Because the farm at home wasn’t big enough for her to come home to, she headed off to Ag College at Orange and then worked for Elders in farm supplies and livestock production for the next 12 years.

Finally the photography bug bit again. Kim bought a little farm at Eugowra, left Elders and started a family and commercial photography business in 2015.

The What Does a Farmer Look Like? project began in late 2016 and has taken Kim right across Australia photographing and chatting to farmers producing a whole range of food and fibre. She has met some incredible people and hopes that her book makes a difference in improving the perception of farmers and farming.


View the workshops on offer below, then select your preferences when purchasing your ticket.

Nurturing – Personal Development Workshops

Betsy Turner – How to hack your Brain: Mindfulness and Meditation in Everyday Life

A short lecture with a slide presentation to supply a base understanding of the working of the brain and how mindfulness meditation works to improve neural communicative functioning at many levels. This will be followed by a practical interactive session which will be both relaxing and provide a learning opportunity!

It will be fun, provide space in a busy conference schedule, and all participants will be able to take home a new skill set.

Janelle Burns – Bloomin’ Women – Nourished women bloom like flowers

To truly thrive, you need to be nourished; physically, mentally and emotionally. Busy women that are doing ALL the things for their families, themselves and their communities can end up feeling tired, burnt out and start to be affected with physical and mental health concerns.

‘Bloomin’ Women’ will give you a little insight into what happens in your body for this to occur. Hormonal imbalances, long term stress and thyroid disorders can all contribute to this depleting, much of this can largely be prevented or managed if you are already suffering with the symptoms.

Laughter is a form of medicine, so come laugh and learn how to nourish yourself through the food you eat, the environment you live in, your lifestyle and mental outlook, so you can truly thrive.

Megan Woodward – Back Yourself and Be Yourself: 10 Top Tips to tackling public speaking and media interviews.

An overview of practical, common sense tips for women to add to their personal and professional tool kits to help them become more confident in tackling public speaking and media opportunities.

Led by Megan Woodward – an ABC journalist of more than 10 years and now professional MC and Media Consultant – this workshop includes a Q+A session around the common misconceptions of the media and why many shy away from the microphone – and how to overcome the butterflies!

The workshop also includes take home resources to allow attendees the opportunity to revisit the key tips from the workshop and support them through their next public speaking engagement or media interview.

Rebecca Fing – Managing your time: the art of having it all

There is no such thing as good time management – it requires solid planning, self-management and a drive to do it better. This session involved learning the value of planning, setting goals and prioritising and provides practical information on how to plan your year, your month, your week, your day and your hour. Tips, tricks, tools, hacks, apps and resources are used to give juggling women the best opportunity to really have it all!

Growth – Professional Development Workshops

Nicky Grummitt – Taking The Leap

Ever wanted to start your own business? Feel like there are too many hurdles
to get started?

Nicky Grummitt will share her journey from employed solicitor to director of her own micro-firm Grevillea Law and how she is tackling the hurdles of running a small business in regional Queensland.

Nicky will cover:
– What made you want to start your own business?
– What’s the one piece of advice you would give yourself if you were starting again?
– What have been you biggest learnings (failing & learning) since you started your business

Now 13 months since starting Grevillea Law, Nicky is looking forward to sharing some insights for others looking to start their own business, enterprise or side hustle.

Peace Mitchell – What successful women do differently

The AusMumpreneur Awards which we have been running since 2010 have given us a unique insight into what’s happening in Australian small businesses and the magic that goes on behind the scenes in some of the most successful up and coming women-run businesses in Australia.

Businesses don’t always succeed, sometimes they
1. Start strong but just kind of peter out early
2. Some completely crash and burn
3. Sometimes they just never really get off the ground
4. sometimes they are slow to start and improve with age
5. And very occasionally you’ll see some that start off with a bang! And just keep on going

We’ve been fortunate to watch some of these journeys unfold from the very early days and we’re always fascinated by the ones who find true and lasting success and we often wonder; “How are they doing this?” Why are they so successful where others aren’t? And What is that they are doing differently that’s giving them this edge?’ These are questions we’ve been asking for a long time. We’ve been investigating this, talking to women and observing what’s happening. And we’ve put together our list of what we’ve observed that successful women do differently.

Simone de Haas – The Spirit of Feminine Leadership: A new paradigm for business and communities

Change is in the air. Leadership is shifting from the more traditional masculine style of ‘command and control’ to Feminine Leadership concepts such as collaboration, empathy, compassion, communication and intuition. So how can we, as leaders in our businesses and communities, further develop these skills to build our personal and professional mastery?

In this insightful and experiential workshop, Simone provides resources and strategies that will help you develop your capacity to lead in your business and community. You will build on your innate strengths through emotional intelligence, inter-personal communication and intuitive insights to create a balanced, whole-hearted approach to life and living.

Zoe Eather – Designing for Women, Designing for Everyone

Earlier this year, Zoe completed a prestigious Churchill Fellowship researching Smart Mobility around the world. Zoe’s workshop will take you through examples and learnings from the 10 different countries she visited as well as how mobility is more than just transportation and includes both physical and digital connection particularly in our regional areas. Zoe will share global insights from her travels and how her lens as a woman was a key part of her research and an integral part of the future of mobility and our Smart Communities and Regions. Zoe hopes to leave you inspired to get involved in the conversation and create your own Smart Life in our regional areas. In this workshop we will dive into some of the challenges around the world and using Zoe’s Way to Go framework, work through starting to tackle them.

Connection – Creative Development Workshops

Dr Margy Heuschele – Contemplative Photography

Contemplative photography offers the opportunity to see the world in a new way. It is an inward-focused, contemplative practice that helps us to open our eyes to see beauty that is often hidden all around us. It does not focus on subject matter or the technical aspects of photography but instead encourages us to see with the eye of the heart: practicing the art of noticing without judgement or criticism. Being aware of the things that capture your attention: objects that you find curious, different or interesting.

You will need a camera eg. phone camera, for this session as we will be going on a contemplative photo walk.

Julie Reardon – ChiBall & the gentle, joyful path to personal and community wellbeing

Discover the joys and benefits of ChiBall, (which combines Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and Relaxation/Meditation) to heal and empower ourselves and our communities! Join Julie to play with the ChiBalls and learn how to lift the energy of our body, mind and spirit, so we can not only survive our challenges, but thrive, while helping those around us as well

Kathryn Walton – The power of creating calm

This interactive, practical workshop will skill you to manage stress and create a sense of inner calm in your life. You will discover the benefits and drawbacks that stress has on your mind and body, learn to identify when your stress is becoming unhealthy, and discover what you can do about it before the stress hits the fan. We all respond to life’s stress differently, so we’ll explore a wide range of behavioural, cognitive and sensory techniques that have been proven to build resilience and inner strength and create a sense of calm. You’ll have the opportunity to get a little bit crafty in this workshop as you personalise your own “Calm Kit” – a collection of tools, resources and reminders that are effective for YOU, so that you can create calm before your stress hits the fan.

Susie Capewell – Finding Wellness through being Creative

Drawing Workshop: Friday
Painting Workshop: Saturday

A 1 hour hands on art workshop, aimed at bringing rural women together through Art.
All materials provided, so that each participant can complete a small project within the allocated time. The piece will be a fun colourful painting or pastel drawing which will be step by step tutored but at the same time addressing to women their need for social cohesion and for time to be creative for your personal wellbeing. The workshop will bring isolated women together to relax and paint or draw. Susie’s main goal is to show how much fun painting can be and you do not need to have any experience to have some “ME TIME”.

Friday Morning Exercise Session

Early Morning Wellbeing Yoga with Julie Reardon

Beginners are most welcome to join us in gently waking up our bodies, so we can greet the
day feeling great!


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