QRRRWN History Project

In 2018, QRRRWN is celebrating 25 years of growing women for the future.

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our FRRR grant application for funding the “Farming RRR women: Harvesting collective leadership wisdom; growing future women leaders” project. With this funding, QRRRWN has collated a range of inspiring leadership stories from past and present QRRRWN women.

Dr. Cecily Jensen-Clayton, professional sociologist and QRRRWN’s board lead on membership, lead the project. The project is centred on a series of interviews with past and present QRRRWN women, and features their stories, wisdom and achievements in a collective video production.

A continuation of the important ongoing work of preserving QRRRWN’s history, the project draws upon a range of historical material that has been gathered, collated and preserved by QRRRWN members over the last 25 years, in particularly, Judith Bandidt.

The video mini-series was launched at the QRRRWN Conference in Kingaroy, 13-15 September 2018, as part of an exhibit featuring memorabilia from the last 25 years. Dr. Jensen-Clayton conducted a workshop at the conference, to coalesce information already gathered and stories from women attending conference.

Why is history important?

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