QRRRWN Strong Women Leadership Awards Program 2020

2020 QRRRWN Strong Women Leadership Awards Program

For the eighth consecutive year, the program will identify and celebrate the exceptional leadership strengths of another legion of outstanding women who live, work, achieve, volunteer and/or are in service of Queensland’s rural, regional and remote (RRR) areas.

QRRRWN’s Awards program applauds the achievements of rural, regional and remote women in all their diversity and skill and is a platform to both recognise their achievements and to connect them with QRRRWN’s network, as they become alumni of the program.  Their skills are nurtured and developed by a series of webinars which encourage nominees to work with mentors to articulate their work, both volunteer and paid.

Congratulations to the 2020 SWLA WINNERS


Thank you –  2020 SWLA Award Presenters

Thank you – 2020 SWLA Master of Ceremonies – Robin McConchie

Robin McConchie - Postcards from the Bush



The categories are broken into three streams:-

1. QRRRWN Woman of the Year

This award celebrates the achievements of women who have made significant contributions to high priority issues in Queensland.  Nominations are welcome for this major award, but can also be accepted from and at the discretion of the judging panels of the other six awards.

2. RRR Awards

There are six opportunities for nominations to celebrate inspiring women in business, leadership, volunteering and storytelling. See below for details.

3. Young Women’s Leadership stream

This category is dedicated for young RRR Women aged 16-25 years and entrants must fit the age criteria of the awards.


QRRRWN Woman of the Year 

  1. QRRRWN Woman of the Year 2020
    • This award celebrates the achievements of women who have made significant contributions to high priority issues in Queensland. This woman is:

      • An exceptional communicator 
      • Resilient 
      • Inspires others to achieve their goals.  
      • Consistently striving to improve, grow and nurture RRR communities and the people in them. 

RRR Awards:

  1. QRRRWN Small Business Owner of the Year 2020
    • This award recognises a woman who through her hard work has: 

      • Built or maintained a small business that promotes RRR community and/or benefits RRR women.  
      • In her role as a business owner the nominee will have engaged with other community, private and government organisations to the benefit of RRR women.   
      • This Award category are for women in a paid position doing the above.
  1. QRRRWN Influential Leader Award 2020
    • This award recognises a woman who by her leadership, has knowingly influenced significant change to:

      • Improve service (s) to RRR women;   
      • Improved outcomes for women and their communities or the rural industry; 

      This woman is leading significant contribution to policy, programs or services that have promoted, supported or improved services for RRR women in a high priority area.

  1. QRRRWN Volunteer of the Year 2020
    • This award celebrates an exceptional volunteer in a non-paid position who continually supports or promotes the needs of people in RRR communities.  The Volunteer of the Year has integrity, the ability to continuously learn and problem solve for positive impact of the group, community or sector to which they contribute their time and energy.  This woman is: 

      • Approachable 
      • Able to take the initiative to enable shared outcomes 
      • Able to work within a volunteer framework/team(s)  
      • Reliable 
      • Collaborative  
  1. QRRRWN Story Teller of the Year 2020
    • This award celebrates a person who has, through their story telling promoted RRR areas and/or RRR women. Nominees may include women whose narrative is told through writing, song, dance, journalism or another art form who ‘tells a story’ promoting RRR women this woman is:  

      • Able to observe detail and nuance to ensure authenticity of the stories they share. 
      • Competent in research to ensure accuracy. 
      • Empathetic when gathering information.  
      • Able to connect with diverse audiences, evoking emotion through their chosen medium.  
  1. QRRRWN Inspirational Woman 2020
    • This special award celebrates an inspirational woman who has paved the way for future generations through their contribution to RRR Queensland.  This woman is: 

      • 65 years and over. 
      • Recognised for significant contribution to RRR community.   
      • Inspirational in their community/region/sector. 
      • Experienced in intergenerational interaction for benefit/change. 

Young Women’s Leadership Award:

  • QRRRWN Young Woman with a Vision 2020
    • This category is dedicated for young RRR Women aged 16-25 years and entrants must fit the age criteria of the awards. The nominee is:

      • A Young Women with a vision for the future. 
      • Clear on a plan to achieve that vision/goals. 
      • Able to share her vision with others. 
      • Someone with high values that are consistent with QRRRWN. 
      • An inspiring leader. 
      • Making or has made a significant contribution to her community/region/sector. 


Firstly, check below to ensure the nominee is eligible for the Awards program. The Nomination form will guide you through the process, and direct you, whether you are self-nominating or nominating someone else. The form will be published at the time of the annual launch.


Every entrant in the Awards program MUST be:

  • Active in their profession/career/business/community work in the rural, regional and/or remote sector of Queensland at least 80 per cent of their work and/or volunteer time .
  • A resident of Queensland
  • An individual financial member of QRRRWN at the time they lodge their Award entry documentation*. To join QRRRWN go to www.qrrrwn.org.au.

*Entrants can join QRRRWN after they have been nominated for the Award and PRIOR to submitting their final Awards Entry documentation.

NOTE: An entrant is NOT eligible if they are employed, or contracted to work in any capacity for QRRRWN at any time during the award application year. 


To enquire directly about the awards process, please email awards@qrrrwn.org.au .

For all other QRRRWN enquiries, please phone QRRRWN’s ESO on 1300 795 571 or email ESO during business hours.


Proudly supported by the Queensland Government.

Office of Women and the Queensland Government are the Major Sponsor of the 2020 Strong Women Leadership Awards Program.


Panda Pearls has again supported the Awards program by donating gifts for speakers, and prizes for finalists.

Our Alumnae

We look forward to introducing the faces of 2020’s Strong Women Leadership Awards, but take this moment to celebrate not only those who were successful in each of the categories in 2019, but all those who were nominated.


To enquire directly about the awards process, please email awards@qrrrwn.org.au or email Davida Melksham at davidam@qrrrwn.org.au or Sarah Grayson at sarahg@qrrrwn.org.au. For other enquiries, please email Megan Kuhn at eso@qrrrwn.org.au.